Automatic casting machine 400MJ Series


Automatic casting machine 400MJ Series

Discovered in 1791, titanium has entered into the interest of OROTIG S.r.l. since its beginning, late 1980s. At that time, the use of titanium in the medical sector has become significantly diffused thanks to its excellent biocompatibility and to special mechanical properties. As a matter of fact, joints, attachment plates for fractures, encapsulations for biological and intra-osseous implants for dental rehabilitation, have been started to be produced by means of OROTIG-patented technology for casting titanium.

Such a technology implies the presence of a reduced-in-size single chamber, hard vacuumed to avoid the presence of oxidizing air elements, where the metal is melted by the electric arc in presence of Argon-gas. When the casting takes place, the melting/casting camber’s box tilts rapidly and the molten metals are pushed down into the flask by a controlled Argon-gas overpressure. All this makes possible to obtain very compact, oxidation-free casting extremely accurate in details and quite precise and fitting even in very diminutive sections.

Same technological principles have been then adapted to work with all pure precious and non-precious metals and alloys for either jewelry applications, eye-glasses frames production, and to solve multiple needs for micro-melting in other industrial sectors including, of course, dental restorations.

All OROTIG casters have the melting/casting chamber water-cooled to allow higher production. Some other casters do have additionally the crucible water cooled to further increase productivity.

A cycle of titanium melting/casting takes around 6 min to complete in automatic; a cycle for melting/casting other metals/alloys will take around 3 min to complete: a standing-by operator is needed all the time.
To-be-used flasks range from 44 to 98 mm in diameter and from 62 to 130 mm in height.

For titanium only, OROTIG offers to customers the TITEC® 205MJ to melt/cast up to 65-g loads of unalloyed or alloyed titanium. In turn, for up to 150 g, the equipment proposed is the TITEC® 400MJ, needing the latter a 3-phase 16kW-empowered generator.

The SpeedCast 220MJ is the proposed equipment for melting/casting different metals or alloys as: up to 250 g of platinum or up to 120 g of palladium or up to 220 g of gold or precious alloys or up to 90 g of stainless-steel or CoCrMo- or NiCrCo-based alloys or up to 40 g loads of titanium – a special version of the this same model could be melting/casting up to 65-g titanium.

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