TDL Cutting


TDL is a revolutionary laser system designed by Orotig for mass or industrial production.

A dual source and numerical control system, able to provide the customer with an integrated solution for the mass production of marked and cut metal objects up to 4 mm thick.


- Integrated marking and cutting system for industrial production

- The most compact, efficient and effective solution for cutting thicknesses up to 4mm

- Configuration options to offer the best solution to your work

- Extremely efficient on all precious metals, steel and other alloys


Recommended for: Large production


Main characteristics:

- Marking laser: scanning head with galvanometric mirrors

- Cutting laser: Laser with gas assisted CNC

- Possibility of connecting 3 different gases

- Automated management via software

- Fully air cooled


Standard accessories:

- PC with dedicated software

- Dryer

- Unwind

- HWC-17 suction system



- Compressor

All-In-One PC


With dedicated software included

Plate decoiler


to optimize the workspace

HWC 17 dust recovery system

Air dryer

Electrical Energy:
Power supply   230Vac
Frequency   50/60 Hz
Installed power   2.5 kW
Commands power supply   24Vdc
on Ethercat bus
X-axis motor   165Ncm
Y-axis motor   165Ncm
Z-axis motor   165Ncm
Cutting source:
Mean power   300W
Max peak power   3000kW
Minimum size of the spot   0.1mm
Engraving source:
Mean power   50W
Max engraving area    110 x 100mm
Focal lens   160mm
Working area and sheet:
Max height of the sheet   125mm
Working area dimension - height   110mm
Working area dimension - width (sheet movement block mode)   220mm
X-axis max stroke   225mm
Y-axis max stroke   120mm
Z-axis max stroke   144mm
Rapid feed rate (X-Y-Z)   10000mm/min
Acceleration (X-Y-Z)   2 m/s2
Positioning accuracy   0.01mm
Positioning repeatability   0.01mm
Pneumatic system pressure   7bar
Air consumption   160lt/min
Cutting gas:
Available inputs   3
Max input pressure   16bar
Weight and dimensions:
Dimensions for transport (WxHxD)   1170 x 2230 x 970mm
TDL dimensions (WxHxD)   800 x 1940 x 946mm
Accessories dimensions (WxHxD)   800 x 680 x 750mm
Approximate total weight   600Kg

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