IUVAPS™ Breeze



The device is an air recycling unit for sanitize and purify the environments, that works with UV-C light and HEPA filtration.

 The UV-C radiation kill viruses and bacteria and it is already used in healthcare for disinfection of machinery and surfaces.

The high efficiency of HEPA filter is composed of several filtering layers made up from microfibers that block solid polluting particles. A single filtration can eliminate up to 99% of any virus, mold and bacteria.

 The quantity of UV-C radiation needed to inactivate COVID-19 is still unknown; however, the viruses with the most affinities to it, like SARS and flu, are inactivated between 8.000 and 20.000 µJ/cm².

 IUVAPS Breeze works with a forced air ventilation system:

  1.  A washable pre-filter blocks heavier powders and pollution.
  2. The air taken in is forced through the HEPA filter which blocks up to 99.95% of the pathogens
  3. The HEPA filter is subjected to a first UV-C source charge which ensures the highest germicidal action eliminating all the viral/bacterial charge slowed down or stopped by the filter.
  4. A second UV-C source cycle takes place after the filter, to ensure the complete eradication of any further microorganism left, before releasing the filtered air in the environment.

The software equipped makes it possible to program air conditioning packages, activating automatic sanitization, satisfying all the sectors, being the environment to be sanitized a house, a commercial or industrial space.

Sanitizing times suggested:





Air Volume

52 m³

85 m³

425 m³

Room Surface

14 m²

28 m²

140 m²


Why choosing IUVAPS Breeze

• It's safe: It eliminates 100% of viruses and bacteria present in the air

• It can be used in the presence of people, because it does not release ozone or chlorine and does not disperse UV-C radiation

• Sanitizes large surfaces (up to 140 m2)

• It is easy to maintain: light and filter changes can be performed with a few simple steps and without the risk of contamination

• Patented technology developed internally by our R&D team, completely made in Italy and made mostly with Italian materials

• Timer to program switching on after 2, 8 or 12 hours

Power Supply: Mono-ph, 115-230 ±10%VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power absorption: 85 W
Noise level: 40-55 bd
Air duty cycle: Up to 175 m3/h
Dimension (cm) – weight: 40x40x55h – 16 kg
Recommended for: 0-140 m2 evironments

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