Founded in the early 1990s, OROTIG S.r.l. initially developed a particularly sophisticated technology for titanium casting, a material largely used in the dental sector, and particularly difficult to cast and work with.

The experience acquired over the years whilst identifying solutions for a range of market demands, allowed OROTIG’s team of engineers to extend the use of this technology, initially designed for welding titanium, to weld all metals , expanding its range of applications from dental to jewellery sector, and even to the more complex industrial applications.

OROTIG was the first company in the world to produce a very compact in size LASER-welding equipment.

The XXS model, introduced at the beginning of 2005, revolutionized the LASER sector due to the fact that, thanks to its reduced-in-size dimensions, it was the first machine in the world to meet the demand for compact welding equipment, to contain initial investment costs whilst keeping high levels of performance, quality and reliability.

Over the years, OROTIG has also developed specific products, such as diode-LASERs for the dental sector, LASER-markers for engraving and cutting of different metals and materials for either jewel makers and light industry applications and fibre-LASERs for other industrial applications.

The fruit of the evolution of a project begun in 2005, the first LASER-marker was introduced at the beginning of 2008. Initially designed for the personalization/marking or writing of predominantly mechanical objects, today OROTIG LASER-markers are at the service of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers around the world, satisfying daily performance of the highest standards of quality and performance.

Orotig Timeline

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