Industrial Laser marker MPL Series



The MPL series of marking machines can satisfy the most complex applications and offer maximum versatility of use (Multi Purpose Laser).

This series of marking machines allows the operator to sustain heavy workloads and greatly accelerate the processing phases, thanks also to the bright highlighting of the preview and marking perimeter.

With the transmission of the LASER through optical fiber and thanks to an accurate focusing, a Beam Mode with M2 value lower than 1.8 \ "is obtained which allows to realize markings with an extremely accurate definition of the margins and precise cuts.

The MPL series is ideal for the creation of engravings, texts, drawings and graphic models.

Able to meet the highest quality standards, the MPL Marker is perfect for marking on all precious and semi-precious metals, steel, titanium and other materials, including non-metallic ones.


- The laser marker for the most complex applications

- Optical fiber laser transmission to delocalize the source from the emission point

- Configuration options to suit any production


Recommended for: Small, medium and large production


Main advantages:

- Manual Z axis;

- Air cooling which eliminates the need for preheating the machinery and the need for an external chiller;

- Integration on production chains;

- Versatility of setting;

- Possibility of importing files with a wide range of extensions (images, vector files, logos, texts, photographs, etc. ..).



- Rotary motor for marking and cutting rings, bracelets and curved surfaces;

- “Light” aspirator for the filtering of fumes;

- DRS-16 extraction system for dust recovery and smoke filtering.


Model 20W Standard 20W HD 30W 50W 70W
LASER-source type MULTI-DIODE PUMPED FIBER (Yb) LASER (Class 4)        
Wave-length 1064 ± 4 nm 1059÷1065 nm 1060 ÷ 1085 nm 1059 ÷ 1065 nm 1059 ÷ 1065 nm
LASER Pulse-Power 20 W   50 W 50 W 70 W
Pulse-duration, up to 140 nS 200 nS 120 ns 40 ns 40 ns
Pulse-energy 0.8~1.0 mJ 0.8 mJ 1 mJ a 20 kHz 1,0 mJ a 20 kHz 1,0 mJ a 20 kHz
M2 < 1.8 1,0 ÷ 1,6 < 1,8 1,0 ÷ 1,6 1,0 ÷ 1,6
Pulse-frequency 30 - 60 kHz 1 - 500 kHz 50 ÷ 100 kHz  1 ÷ 500 kHz 1 ÷ 500 kHz
Scan-head Ultra high-speed galvanic mirrors, marking speed > 7 m/S        
Scan-head’s focus Adjustment Manual regulation (Motorized as OPTIONAL)        
Spot Diameter 35 μm        
Size of L-marking Field 110 x 110 mm        
Cooling Air-cooled LASER source        
Auxiliary external chiller NOT required. No warming-up time.        
Color Micro Video-camera OPTIONAL with a 8X zoom-lens        
Access door N/A        
Power-supply 1-ph, 100/240Vac, 50/60Hz, 6A        
Max consumption 450W Main / 10A Aux.        
Dimensions (WxDxH) 33 x 52.7 x 64.5 cm        
Weight 34 kg        

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