RR Series




The RR series of marking machines is designed to perform high quality cuts and engravings on metal plates in the shortest possible time.

The LASER RR marking machine offers different power configurations which, in addition to the normal applications for marking and engraving, allow the cutting of foils over 1.6mm thick (100-130W models).

The engineering solutions introduced in the RR Series allow to reach new levels of quality, significantly lowering production times.

Thanks to its particular design and the quality of the components used, it is possible to obtain excellent markings and engravings of very elaborate and complex design from the graphic point of view.

This machine uses the "MULTI-DIODE PUMPED FIBER" technology (diode pumped LASER), which guarantees very high production performance and the possibility of being able to cope with intensive workloads, fully satisfying the very high levels of quality imposed by the reference standards. .


- The complete and effective laser marker for those who want the best

- “Tailor made” configuration options to offer each customer the ideal solution

- A wide range of options that can be integrated, designed to make your work even more efficient: self-recognition, self-centering, self-loading and much more.


Recommended for: Small and medium production


Main advantages:

- Integrated camera for optimal viewing of the marking area for better positioning of the object to be marked;

- Digitally adjustable Z axis for focusing the focal lens;

- Air cooling which eliminates the need for preheating the machinery and the need for an external chiller;

- Manual operating commands both on the machine and in software for remote control through the use of a PC;

- Possibility of importing files with a wide range of extensions (images, vector files, logos, texts, photographs, etc. ..).



- Rotary motor for marking and cutting rings, bracelets and curved surfaces;

- Automatic plate feeder for serial marking and cutting;

- DRS-16 extraction system for dust recovery and smoke filtering;

- Pattern matching system for fast piece recognition;

- Ring self-centering system;

- Three-dimensional marking;

20 HD
50 HD
70 HD
100 HD

●Excellent Good ○Not suitable □Optional



4th Digital Control Rotary Axis


Rotary system with automatic movement, digitally controlled by software. Necessary tool for marking rings, bracelets and round objects in general. Accuracy of 1/500 of a degree, guarantees perfect positioning of markings even on particularly curved surfaces.

Automatic Feeder for Sheet Cutting


The automatic sheet feeder makes it possible to cut objects from a metal sheet without having to reposition the sheet manually. Equipped with pneumatic solenoid valves and digital movement controls, it is able to move the metal sheet without the need for an operator.

DRS 16 dust recovery system


The new and revolutionary 3-way Suction System minimizes the dispersion of the dust generated by cutting and marking into the atmosphere. In addition to this, the innovative vacuum filtering system guarantees an almost total recovery of waste dust.

Pattern matching system


The pattern matching system allows you to create a library of shapes to be able to mark without worrying about positioning on the work surface.

The 3-axis XYZ handling system can be integrated to increase productivity. The 3-axis XYZ handling system can be integrated to increase productivity.

HWC 17 dust recovery system

Model RR 20 RR 30 RR 20 HD RR 50 HD RR 70 HD RR 100 HD
LASER source type Multi-diode pumped fiber (Yb) LASER (Class 4)          
Wave-length 1060 ÷ 1085 nm 1060 ÷ 1085 nm  1059 ÷ 1065 nm 1059 ÷ 1065 nm 1059÷1065 nm 1059 ÷ 1065 nm
LASER pulse power 20 W 30 W 20 W 50 W 70 W 100 W
Pulse duration, up to 120 ns 200 ns40 ns40 nS12 ÷ 520 ns
Pulse energy 1 mJ a 20 kHz 1 mJ a 30 kHz 0,8 mJ a 20 kHz 1,0 mJ a 20 kHz 1.0 mJ at 20 kHz 1,0 mJ 
M2  < 1,8 < 1,8 1 ,0÷1,6 1,0 ÷ 1,6 1.0 ÷ 1.6 1,0 ÷ 1,6 (1,3 typ)
Pulse frequency 20 ÷ 60 kHz  30 ÷ 60 kHz  1 ÷ 500 kHz  1 ÷ 500 kHz 1 ÷ 500 kHz 1 ÷ 1000 kHz
Scan head Ultra high-speed galvanic mirrors, marking speed > 7 m/S          
Scan-head’s focus Adjustment through the built-in digital keyboard, software and foot pedal          
Marking area Standard 110 x 110 mm, available other sizes depending on the focal lens          
Focal lens Standard 160mm - optional 100mm, 210mm          
Cooling system Air-cooled LASER source - Auxiliary external chiller not required          
Color Micro camera Integrated, included with a 8X zoom-lens          
Access door Moved up/down by program; openings on the 3 sides to ease introducing ext aux devices into a 32x45-cm working area          
Power-supply 1-ph, 230Vac, 50/60Hz, 6A          
Max consumption 750 W          
Dimensions (W x D x H/H open door) 45 x 71 x 65/93 cm          
Weight 67 kg 72 kg   75 kg    

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