TDL Cutting


TDL is the new Orotig device developed for serial engraving and cutting in the mass production. Thanks to the double Laser Head it's possible to engrave and cut precious metals, steel and other alloys.

It's available on the 300/3000W and 450/4500W versions (continuous laser/pulsed laser).

Main features:

- Laser engraving: scan head with galvo lenses

- Laser cutting: CNC Laser source supported by gas

- 3 gas connections

- Completely controlled by software

- Air cooled, no need for external chiller


Standard accessories: 

- PC with dedicated software

- Air dryer

- Plate decoiler

- Exhausting system HWC-17



- Air compressor

Innovative CNC Laser cutting system with gas to perform accurate and really fast cuts.

Big working chamber with integrated automatic feeder system.

Plate decoiler to optimize the working space.

Air dryer included.

Exhauster HWC-17 included.

Model TDL
Axes speed at moving Up to 10 m/min
Axes speed at cutting Up to a 10 m/min
Strip dragger maximum thickness 4 mm
Working area X= 200 mm Y= 110 mm
Dragging displacement 200 mm
Engraving Laser source power 20 - 50 - 70W 
Cutting Laser source power 300/3000W - 450/4500W (continuo/pulsato)
Type of cutting gases 3
Gas pressure adjustment software controlled
Compressed air pressure min 6 max 10 bar
Cutting gas pressure max 16 bar
Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz single-phase, 20 A
Maximum consumption 6 kW
Net weight 570 Kg

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