Laser welder - Evo White




Our desktop laser par excellence is now more powerful and performing, simply UNIQUE.

The former versions of Evo series have been converted in a single configuration to offer you the best machine at the best price.

Power, Reliability, Control.


- The desktop laser became an icon in the world, today even more performing

- New configuration of source and optics to deliver more firing power

- New cooling system for unmatched work sessions

- New ergonomic armrest

- New materials for the highest safety standards in the world


Recommended for: Small and medium production


Main advantages:

- Intuitive user interface via touch-screen display

- USB for firmware updates and real-time diagnostics

- Air and water cooling

- Patented chamber LED lighting system

- Connection for Argon gas and compressed air

- Comfort of use



- IUVAPS disinfection system (click here for more info)

- "Lynx" microscope

- Welding Chamber Closure with Handrails

Lynx microscope

The Lynx microscope uses Vision Engineering's patented Dynascope ™ technology that provides high-resolution stereoscopic viewing, dramatically reducing visual fatigue for greater productivity and accuracy.

Power supply Single phase, 115-230 ±10%VAC, 50/60 Hz  
Crystal type Nd:YAG 7 mm bar  
Power impulse and time 160 J at 25 ms  
Peak power 7 kW  
Mean power 75 W  
Frequency of repetition Up to 15 shots per second
Spot dimension da 0,3 a 1,5 mm
Access control External with display TFT 3,5” color touch-screen with inside chamber joystick
Stereo microscope 45° with 10X and cross hair (Leica)
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions  WxDxH 52 x 68 x 34 cm
Cooling type Forced air with fan speed control, 4 lt liquid and radiator

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