Whitec 5.3 Milling machine


5 Axis CNC System suited to make high accurate tridimensional millings of dental restorations such as temporaries, crowns, bridges, extended circulars and abutments.

It moves fast and precise with screws and ball baring guides with zero backlash

It's possibile to process the following materials: wax, all acrylics, zirconia, ceramics and metals.

Main features:

- digital stepper micro motor;

- Jäger high speed electric chuck up to 60.000 rpm;

- burs holder with 20 slots and automatic tool exchanging system;

- HyperDENT CAM technology


Electrospindle with a power of 2.9 kW at 60,000 RPM

Hyperdent Classic is an instrument suitable for large laboratories that want to leap in quality. Elements such as Multipart Roughing help to achieve greater efficiency by reducing material waste, extending the life of components and shortening processing times.

Model WHITEC 5.3
X-Axis stroke 320 mm
Y-Axis stroke 260 mm
Z-Axis stroke 260 mm
A-Axis stroke 0 - 180° continuous mode
B-Axis stroke -30°/+30°
Electric chuck power 2.9 kW
Max speed of the electric chuck 60000 rpm
Max speed 60 mm/s
Acceleration 2 m/s²
Positioning precision over axes ± 0,01 mm
Automatic tool exchange 20 slots
Digital presetting of tools Provided
Lubricating/cooling device Included
Power supply Single phase 220Vac 50/60Hz
Pneumatic supply min. 6.5 bar
Min air consumption 160 NL/min
Dimensions (L x D x H) 800x920x1030 mm
Weight 380 Kg (500 Kg with support)

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